Entrepreneurship Development Cell

EDCell @ Browns

BCP has an Entrepreneurship Development cell to support all those students who are keen to start their own ventures. There are important objectives of ED cell such as to act as an institutional mechanism providing various services including information to budding Science & Technology (S & T) entrepreneurships, to create Entrepreneurial culture in the Parent Institution and other institutions in the region and to promote the objective of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), including programmes related to women and weaker section of the society, to foster better linkages between the Parent Institution, Industries and R & D Institution in the region and other related organizations engaged in promoting Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) including NGOs and other voluntary Organizations, to catalyze and promote development of S & T based enterprises and promote employment opportunities. Also, its objective includes to respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities both at national and international level relating to SMEs and micro enterprises.

Various activities have been undertaken where most recently a seminar in collaboration with Working in collaboration with industrial organizations and establishment of retail pharmacy are other ventures that are being promoted by BCP ED cell.

SIF 2020-21 Pharm.D